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iThrivd is a budgeting, expense tracking, and gamified personal finance management application designed to help you level up to the different stages of Financial Freedom. iThrivd is created to inspire anybody, no matter where they are with their finances, to continuously aim at reaching their next milestone while reinforcing vital elements to financial success: Mindset and Discipline.


The problem

Farah C. Jaber, is the author of several books and has his own podcast for investors and entrepreneurs, where he discusses the approach and ways how to improve financial well-being. Additionally, there was a need for a mobile application that would complement Farah’s books and the podcast, and where the user could playfully fulfill the conditions and challenges necessary to move up the levels of financial freedom.

The approach

To verify the client’s idea, speed up development, and to spare some capital from the budget within the MVP stage, we used a cross-platform solution – Flutter, for developing mobile applications on iOS and Android. Before that, screen-by-screen designs of mobile apps and websites were created and agreed upon.
As a backend, we’ve used a Django based backend solution, for the possibility of expansion and growth in the future, as well as for precise work with data and internal logical calculation.
In addition to mobile applications at the request of the client, we have created a webpage.

The result

The final stage of the project was the release of applications for iOS and Android appstores.
Full-size backend with the possibility of further scaling at the request of the client.
Through the backend admin panel, the client can edit some of the texts, icons, and internal logic of calculations.
A website was launched with information about the author, the application, and the opportunity to take a survey and find out what level of financial freedom the user is at. In the future, the result is relayed to the application. Also, through the admin panel, the client can write his own blog.

The Ithrivd application continues to evolve and acquire new functionality.


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