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There’s a difference between feeling safe and being safe. Together with Coremans Consultancy, Moqod launched 500Feet mobile app, which is now officially life on.


500Feet tries to be a solution to a big problem in the world: danger on the street. What people don’t always know is that incidents like intimidation or assault often happen in the same locations. 500Feet offers users a platform where they can share the place of their incidents so other users won’t experience the same faith. Some experiments show that 70,4% of girls between 18-24 feel scared while walking alone. The user heat map will show these users where the most populated areas are, so they won’t ever need to walk alone.


From a technical perspective, we used mobile cross-platform development on Flutter. 500feet app is also a Firebase backendless solution, and it employs Flamelink as a CMS. It took us three months to develop the app with an agile, interactive approach to project management.
“With location-based advertising, we have found a very profitable source of income because our users are prime buyers close to a possible advertiser. This way, we can finance our growth in the first year by ourselves. Our first-year goal is to gain 15.000 users that want to keep each other safe. And the final goal is to work worldwide, keeping safe as many people as possible. Making a difference is our purpose!” — says William about 500feet business strategy.


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